the fASTER fund

Our work is not complete.

Here is a photo of Aster and Derebe holding a photo of Mrs. Star’s fourth grade class:

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    Our son, Michael, and his friends from school have been raising money for “the fASTER fund”. We are also partnering with Wide Horizons for Children (WHFC) and with Aster’s community leaders to successfully support a specific need of her village. It is important to lift up her community as well in order to fully support Aster and her transformation culturally.

    Mrs. Star’s fourth grade class have already raised over $90 by making and selling rainbow loom bracelets over a couple of weeks this fall. The boys plan initially, through their fundraising efforts, to help Aster’s school.

    Once the people of Keke, Aster’s village, have fulfilled their community project goal with appropriate assistance, we will support other children in need and their communities in a similar fashion.

    We are thankful for each and every dollar of your support. All proceeds go directly to the cause. No gift is too small.

    Here is the link:


the greatest gift

News from Ethiopia:

Niat and Karine have been in touch with Derebe since their return to their home village of Keke. We are happy to share that for the first time, Aster is enrolled and attending school.

Dreams do come true.


Arrival at the Horizon House


Aster and Derebe arrived at the Horizon House in Addis Ababa on October 1st. They were warmly greeted by the staff of Wide Horizons for Children’s Horizon House where they stayed briefly until travel was arranged to take them to their village about 11 hours south of Addis.

This photo was sent by Mulat, our friend and colleague at the Horizon House


Happy 14th Birthday, Aster!


Aster, you have inspired us all with your grace. You are a hero.

Thanks to the individual efforts of so many as well as the works of the organizations involved, Wide Horizons for Children and Little Baby Face, Aster takes flight.   A huge thank you to the many wonderful people who have been there assisting during this time in the US, in Ethiopia and en route. A special thank you to Zelalem and to everyone unnamed. There are no words to adequately thank Aster’s surgeons, nurses, aids, technicians and staff.

We all wish you, Aster, a happy, happy birthday and the realization of all of your dreams.








Kylie, Binney and Eric

Teferi, Leah, Ruth, Dininar, and Michael and many, many more.


We love you, Aster, just for who you are. A most joyous birthday to you.