Happy 14th Birthday, Aster!


Aster, you have inspired us all with your grace. You are a hero.

Thanks to the individual efforts of so many as well as the works of the organizations involved, Wide Horizons for Children and Little Baby Face, Aster takes flight.   A huge thank you to the many wonderful people who have been there assisting during this time in the US, in Ethiopia and en route. A special thank you to Zelalem and to everyone unnamed. There are no words to adequately thank Aster’s surgeons, nurses, aids, technicians and staff.

We all wish you, Aster, a happy, happy birthday and the realization of all of your dreams.








Kylie, Binney and Eric

Teferi, Leah, Ruth, Dininar, and Michael and many, many more.


We love you, Aster, just for who you are. A most joyous birthday to you.


3 thoughts on “Happy 14th Birthday, Aster!

  1. Zelalem says:

    I am extremely glad that my boss chose me to be one of the facilitators to put my fingerprints in the effort to help this teenage girl see her bright days. My heartfelt thanks goes to Dr. James Alpers and his wonderful and dedicated team. Without them this could not have happened. I wish the lady (Ethiopian young woman) who was going to Georgia and was not interested to help this young girl and her father could see her now and learn from these kind doctors and cooperative persons the result of doing such exceptionally good deed. I did not ask her to buy this teenage girl and her father some food or pay them the fare for their plane ticket. I asked her at that time to help them easily check in inside the Ethiopian airlines terminal and help them by translating inside the airplane. That was the day when that Ethiopian lady made me feel very sad. She does not truly represent our tradition of helping each other and the true nature of responsible women across the board. Any ways, this young girl is totally different from what she was in the past. It is time now to work on attitudinal change. I have done my best to share the girl’s picture after surgery to her family members and used this opportunity to let family members and all villagers in “Kike” kebele know that the problem is not curse but a health problem that can happen due to some factors and that can actually be corrected.
    From Ethiopia

    • Niat says:

      Selam Zelalem,

      Endet neh?I am part of the team who assisted Aster and Derebe in NYC. I am Habesha! Thanks for all the good work u did in seeing them off.
      Their stay here was a success! Thanks to God she is in a great condition. Everyone helped out, every community ,especially the Ethiopian community here in New York and the area. Ke Egziabher gar We did good 🙂
      It is time now to send them back to you. Please update us on their where about . Thanks a lot!
      God Bless you!


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